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Manual Juicer - العصارة اليدوية3

Manual Juicer Handheld

Enjoy fresh juice at home

Price 129 SAR instead of 258 SAR
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A glass of freshly squeezed orange juice in the morning guarantees a brighter & productive day . It doesn’t take much energy to make a delicious and pure juice with this Handheld Manual Juicer, it only takes a few minutes to complete! Compared with the machine juicer,

Manual Juicer - العصارة اليدوية

EASY TO CLEAN – Fruit juice extractor components can be removed for easy cleaning

Manual Juicer - العصارة اليدوية4

We designed our handheld juicer with aluminum alloy, which is a durable material, ensuring long-lasting use. The alloy is corrosion-proof and food-grade

Manual Juicer - العصارة اليدوية2

the manual juicer can maintain the fresh taste of the fruit and restore the original flavor of the fruit.

How to Use the Manual Juicer Handheld

1. Cut the fruit more than 2 pieces

2. Insert the Fruit cut-side down.

3. Press the handles together until all the juice is extracted.

Manual Juicer Handheld video

Price 129 SAR instead of 285 SAR

Manual Juicer - العصارة اليدوية5

User-friendly handle design, comfortable grip, and easier juicing 

Manual Juicer - العصارة اليدوية6

Equipped with an impurity filter to filter juices, making you enjoy pure and healthy juice

Price 129 SAR instead of 285 SAR

customer reviews

Great product, I always make juice for my children, and we dispensed with canned juice.
Safy Hassan
Help me make fresh juice in minutes
Mohamed Hany

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Manual Juicer - العصارة اليدوية2

Manual Juicer Handheld

Price 129 SAR instead of 258 SAR

Order two items and get free Delivery