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UFO Magic Ball

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Not all games are useful and not all games are entertainingbut this game manages to combine the twoin addition to being entertainingit will teach your child to cooperateplan and strategize to gain

Magic Ball is a unique sports toy that transforms from a flying disc to a ball when thrown!


The variable time delay provides a surprise transformation that makes the gameplay fun or just fun!



Unique, soft plastic, flexible material with a cool neon LED light


When the ball vibrates, the light flashes and the music rings


Suitable for home, garden, beach and other places to play with family, friends

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Suitable for all ages

Gender: Unisex

Product Dimensions: 6 x 6 x 6 inches

Power supply mode: 3* button battery


Made of soft plastic and 100% of ECO-friendly materials.

Step on it to relax when you’re upset

Great gifts for kids, friends, and pets

How to Play: your hands forced to the middle of the ball,after the middle of the suction cup force into the shape like a UFO(flying discs), then thrown out. (Please Note:To play in the spacious outdoor, to avoid accidental injury to others.).

Warm Tips:Before you force the ball into a flying discs,use your finger to gently wipe the suction cup in middle of the ball, so it can keep the status of the flying discs a little longer, until you throw it out..

Customers reviews

My granddaughters love this amazing ball
Dorya Fathy
My girls loved this game, thank you for the fast delivery
Donia Ahmed

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Untitled-1_0002_Layer 5

UFO Magic Ball

115 AED

230 AED